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Concert in Graz, Austria

The vocal teacher of our Conservatory, Fr. Zafeirios Koutelieris and his son Christos Koutelieris held a concert in Graz, Austria, on the occasion of the forty year anniversary of the founding of the Austro-Hellenic Association of Graz.

The concert was covered by the reporters of the Municipality of Graz. Photos and related text were posted on the city's official page. In this text the following are mentioned, among others:

"... The opera singer and priest Fr. Zafeirios Koutelieris caused thunderous applause with his musical performance, singing apart from Greek songs and the aria Der Vogelfänger from Mozart's Magic Flute. He also moved with great joy to the rhythms of Mikis Theodorakis. A special round of applause was given to the young pianist Christos Koutelieris...".

The event was prefaced by: The Mayor of Graz Fr. Elke Kahr, the professor of the University of Graz Dr. Grigorios Larentzakis, the assistant professor of the Univ. From Graz under Dr. Elli Papazoi, the vice-president of the association Prof. of the Univ. of Graz Dr. Klaus Lichem and the president of the association Dr. Konstantinos Rizovalis. Parliament was represented by MP and member of the National Council Dr. Josef Smolle.

Ein singender Pater und Thrakische Tänze

Musik und Tanz dürfen an einem griechischen Abend freilich nicht fehlen. Der Opernsänger und Pater Zafirios Koutelieris sorgte mit seinen musikalischen Einlagen für frenetischen Applaus, so sang er neben griechischen Liedern auch den "Vogelfänger" aus Mozarts Zauberflöte und schwang sein Tanzbein zu Klängen von Mikis Theodorakis. Besonderen Beifall erhielt dabei auch der young Pianist Christos Koutelieris as well as Aliki Giannou. The Thracian Tänze der Gruppe Choreftikos Omilos Graz provided the atmosphere for Stimung.